Out of the Mouths of Babes

So I’m babysitting tonight for my friend’s kids so she can have a night out. They are four, three, and six months, and I love them dearly. They’re pretty well behaved, and due to my recent unemployment and proximity to Kelly’s house, I’m an obvious choice. Just a few notes to point out.

Right after Kelly left. Billy, age three. “I don’t want Mommy to go without me.” Me. “Well, Mommy needed some time to go out with her friends.” Him. “Mommy has FRIENDS?”

What kind of four and three year old children don’t try and trick their babysitter into staying up late? Instead, these two asked to go to bed a full forty five minutes before their bedtime. Am I THAT fucking boring?

Also, I don’t appreciate having to ask someone whose rear end I still have to wipe after they poop how to work the television. This was preceded by the four year old asking me, as I’m pushing random buttons on the remote in vain, trying to change the channel from Spiderman cartoons to anything, doing God knows what to their Tivo –Kel, I’m sorry, but I think I recorded every show I landed on somehow and possible erased everything you’ve been trying to record — “Aunt Court-tee, what are you actually trying to do?”

I’m not complaining, because honestly, I’ve had four hours of uninterrupted time, but having had nothing but empty spaces of time for the past few months, this isn’t exactly relaxing so much as boring, especially as since Billy went to bed, I can’t change the channel anymore.

In other news, I just saw a story on Comcast that a laid off gentleman in New York got an offer in Montana for a job, so he packed up his possessions and drove 2,000 miles for a new job and a new start. He started on Monday and received a voicemail Monday evening that they were laying him off. Tell me that wouldn’t make you start drinking your breakfast.

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