Oh, You Missed Me

So, being unemployed and such, I’ve been thinking now might be the time to start writing some more again.  I’ve been writing for www.footballnation.com for awhile and loving that, but I’ve missed sharing my everyday stories, however trivial they may be.

Oh, and trivial they are.  Being out of work and broke brings an entirely new host of ridiculousness in my life.  A few of the topics I plan to cover:

“Dear Cats, Please Leave Me Alone.  It’s Impossible to Look for Jobs While You’re Biting Me.”

“Tony!  It’s Time to Come Home!  I’ve Had an Entire Conversation with Ramon and She’s Starting to Talk Back!”

“The Bus: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Anything That Doesn’t Fit in a Target Bag.”

“Hey!  I Figured Out What Smells in the Refrigerator!”

“Things I Saw On My Walk,” (with pictures!!)


“Being That Crazy Person Who Comments on Everyone’s Facebook: A Tutorial.”

would just be a few of them…

So, how’s everyone else doing?

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