Oh Yes, This is Happening Right Now.

Some of you may have heard in the past few days that there’s been a pretty amazing concert announced in the Chicago area.  Facebook and Twitter has blown up with people near apoplectic with excitement for July and one can only imagine how they’re going to wait six more months.

That’s right, New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, and freaking Boyz II Men are coming to the Allstate Arena!!!!  The Package Tour!!!  I can’t even believe it!!  (Wait, did you think I was talking about Pearl Jam at Wrigley?  You should probably stop reading now cause you most likely don’t like me anymore.)

I’ve been a diehard New Kids fan since my tuba-playing elk days, and despite my friends and family making decidedly more pointed “suggestions” that perhaps I don’t need to advertise this fact as proudly as I do, I am so very excited about this concert.  In addition to my favorite boy band ever, NKOTB – seriously, Boyz II Men??  I mean, who doesn’t have great memories to one of their songs?  Admittedly don’t know much 98 Degrees as I was too busy drinking at fraternity parties in college when they were popular, but I’m confident I will love them.

So last night, I was home alone again and decided the best way to spend my evening was to watch “The View” on which this heartstopping announcement was made.  i found a 30-minute video on YouTube and settled in for happiness.  Below are the thoughts that were swimming around and slamming into each other in my head as I watched.  If you’d like to follow along, feel free.  Here’s the video.  And please don’t put me in a straitjacket.  At least not before July.

  • Well, Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s still annoying as fuck.
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh I still love you Donnie!!!
  • But what’s with the glasses, man?
  • Why is the audience filled with desperate looking old girls?
  • Dammit.  That’s EXACTLY what I look like.  Potato!  Get me a beer!
  • OMG!  Nick Lachey is still super cute.  I miss “Newlyweds.”
  • Although, God, that bitch was dumb.  I wonder how often Nick wanted to smother her with a pillow but couldn’t because of the cameras?
  • Struck with a memory of an argument in which I defended Jessica, stating, “When you’re that pretty, you don’t have to be smart.”  Mentally kick self repeatedly in head.
  • OOOOHHHH I loved that song!!  They used to play it at the bar!!!
  • Wait, New Kids came before Boyz II Men?  How old am I?
  • Didn’t there used to be four Boyz?  Did one die?  That’s super sad.
  • Ah, answered.  He just left the group.  Smart move, dummy.  They probably won’t make any money on this tour.  Glad he’s not dead though.
  • I don’t want to hear about you giving your kids bottles backstage, gentlemen.  You’re supposed to be sexy.
  • Wait.  I guess if I had kids that might be considered sexy.
  • Dammit, again.  Potato, beer me!
  • Did Drew Lachey beat out Joey McIntyre on Dancing with the Stars?  Why didn’t I watch that show again?
  • Shut UP, Elizabeth.  God, you’re irritating.
  • Seriously, what grown woman actually believes her husband has never looked at porn?
  • A really, really naive one, that’s who.
  • I never did get that dance down.
  • “That’s cause you’re disturbingly uncoordinated.  You can’t even walk down the stairs without a handrail, spaz.  Remember when you almost killed all those people walking to the Blue Line cause your shoe was untied?”  (That was my subconscious.  She’s an asshole with an excellent memory.)
  • Heh.  They said “Package.”

So yeah, I know it’s not groundbreaking, Grammy award-winning music.  And I know I will be mocked mercilessly for the next few months for being so excited.  But it makes me happy.  All of that being said, I WILL name my firstborn after anyone who can score me good seats to this show,

Also – aren’t you glad you don’t live in my head?


Seriously, how cute are we?  I’ve had that shirt since 1989.  And it still fits!  (Sorry, 11 year old Courtney.  But we’ve already established you were a hot mess.)

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  1. this is the funniest ever, great writing, thanks for sharing and if i knew how to send this to the ELLEN show I would!

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